The Author With Dashing Personality- Amit Shankar

Amit Shankar so far has penned down 3 super hit novels namely Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter Eleven, and Love is Vodka. Amit is not only a good author but also an awesome Guitarist, who loves enjoying Rock, Jazz and Blues. He won several awards in the field of advertising as creative director and copywriter. Here comes my session with Amit Shankar.


1)    Well we all know Amit Shankar, as an excellent author, but tell us something about you, which we don’t know, as we are keen to know the other facets of life and talents?

A loner and drifter, a whimsical man with massive mood swings. An exceptional guitarist with a penchant for Jazz, Blues and Rock. A cook, counselor and a leader rolled into one. Also, a big time coffee addict.


2)   The profile of an author is not at all a common one, so what exactly attracted you to be a part of the writing world?

During my advertising days, being on the creative side; as a copywriter, words came naturally to me. Also, during my college days, I was the one who wrote love letters for my friends. So, writing was something I loved. But then writing for brands in an advertising format; print ads, radio jingles, TV ads, was getting too repetitive and monotonous. I wanted to tell meaningful stories which impacted lives and touched hearts. No wonder, turning an author was the logical progression.

3)   If I ask you to name your idol in life, who are the ones who will get the chance to be on the list?

Well, too many and they keep changing. More than the winners who bend and play as per the demand of success, it is sheer talent which does not cringe down to suit the need of the hour is something that I idolize.

4)   So far you have penned down 3 novels Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter Eleven, and Love is Vodka, which is the one which is closest to your heart and why?

ImageImageImageBuy here: Love is Vodka / Chapter 11Flight of the Hilsa

None. I am sure you would know that I never read my work, not even for proofreading and editing. Stories happen, which I sit down and write. Period. If you ask me about chapters and names from my first title, I would not be able to recall them.

5)   What is next in pipeline for us to read and when we can expect that?

Toying with a couple of them. One of them is ‘Two apples and drinking prana’ while the other one has a working title of ‘740 gms’ Let us see which one compels me more.

6)   How does it feel when your readers appreciate your work?

It makes the effort look so much worthwhile

7)   Which is the biggest complement received by you so far?

A young woman telling me how my first title inspired her to walk out of a bad marriage and reclaim her life.

8)   What are your other passions in life?

Big time war movie buff. Have an enviable collection. Also, vintage rock is an all time high.

    9) If I ask you to point out 2 characteristics in present day authors which you don’t like, what will u say?

They are in a great hurry to make a quick buck, name and fame. No wonder they play to the gallery and most of the stories revolve around colleges, teens and mushy romance. Also, the craft of writing has gone for a toss. 99 percent of the new age Indian writers can’t write to save their lives.

10) How will you rate yourself as an author?

Rating, likes on Facebook etc. is just a number game, temporary state, mostly farce. I am happy being a story-teller who has managed to impact lives.

11) What are your plans 5 years down the line?

Not the one to plan. I take life as it comes and relish the same.

12) Describe Amit Shankar in one line…………

The Devil

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