Meeting Sonnet Mondal- The Poet To be Featured in Fox Cry Review in Winter Edition 2013

A Short Bio Of The Poet:


Born and brought up in West Bengal, India, Sonnet Mondal is an Indian English poet and the Founder of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review. He has authored Prismatic Celluloid (Authorspress books, India) Diorama of Three Diaries (Authorspress books, India), 21 Line Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century (Sparrow Publication, India) and six other books of poetry. He was bestowed Poet Laureate from Bombadil Publishing, Sweden in 2009 and was awarded “The IPTRC International Best Poet award” from World Poets Quarterly. He was inducted in the prestigious Significant Achievements Plaque at the museum of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur in 2011, was featured as one of the Famous Five of Bengali youths by India Today magazine in 2010.

His works have appeared in several international literary publications including The Stremez (Supported by The Ministry of Culture, Macedonia), The Sheepshead Review (University of Wisconsin, Green Bay), The Penguin Review (Youngstown State University), Two Thirds North (Stockholm University), California State Poetry Quarterly (California State Poetry Society), Nth Position, Fox Chase Review, The Journal (Poetry Society of India) , Holler (Princeton Poetry Project), Friction Magazine (New Castle University & New Castle Centre of Literary Arts) and  Dark Matter Journal(University of Houston-Downtown) to name a few.

Details of his works can be found at

Chit Chat with Sonnet Mondal

 1)  How you entered the world of writing and how it happened?

It was 2005 December when I wrote my first poem or rather felt the first essence of writing poetry. I was never too fascinated about this genre before. In fact prose was much preferable to me as a reading material. So I must say writing these first lines in December 2005 somehow lured me into poetry.

2) Being a student of engineering what features of poetry world attracted you in special?

Fields of working and branches of academics never affect art. Poetry as a genre with its dense yet profound ways of depicting those things which we feel to be close to our lives attracts me most. There is poetry in everything and everywhere you go.

3) Can you recall that day when you penned down your first poem and what was it?

As I mentioned earlier it was December 2005. I don’t remember the exact date but it was one of the English classes going on at St. Michael’s School, Durgapur. I was sitting towards the last benches busy trying to bring out my first poem while the teacher was providing tips on a composition to be written about “Meeting a sudden old friend.”

ImageBuy Prismatic Celluloid: buy_btn_2-f780625c

4) Which genre of poems you specialized yourself?

I never tried to pen any genre in particular or specialize myself in any genre but upon looking at any book of mine after completing, it feels I have a greater concern for the burning issues of the society and nostalgia.

5) Whom you consider as an inspiration in your life?

I should just say “Poetry” itself is my inspiration. Each poem acts as an inspiration to pen another.

6)What are your other passions in life?

Music especially Indian Drums like Tabla. Here I may also add that I love musing upon still life paintings and of course I am passionate about driving at night.

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7) Sonnet what as per you are the basic qualities of a good poet?

A poet should be someone who can be a high town daredevil yet cautious, reminiscent yet sensitive to oblivion, thoughtful yet rash, firm yet flexible in his stanzas and self-structured.

8) So far what is your biggest appreciation received from your readers?

In regards to reader’s appreciation there is no such thing as biggest. Each specification or comment is very special to me.

9) What is your plan five years down the line?

Planning has never worked for me. So instead of compartmentalising my schedule I would just say “to write more.”

10) How do you rate yourself as a poet?

Self-Rating parameters are designed keeping in mind the word “self-perfection”. If there is no limit to this word then I am not even half a way.

11) Which book is in pipeline for your readers?

There are four poetry books in line tiled, “Prismatic Celluloid” (Authorspress India), Through the Broken Window(St. Julian Press Inc., Houston), Pen upon Brushes (Authorspress India) and Enigmatic Winds and other poems(Finishing Line Press, USA).

Details will be available through my website as each book gets released in the market.

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