A Review: “Love is Vodka A Shot Ain’t Enough” by Amit Shankar

Author – Amit Shankar

Publisher of the Novel: Vitasta Publishing

ImageBuy the book Here: buy_btn_2-f780625c

A view on this Novel:

The central character of this novel is Moon. Life is very confusing for this conventional teen, who is a love child of a leading TV news anchor. The father of the child and the former boyfriend of Moon’s mother, is an entrepreneur.  Moon is quite confused about the real meaning of the word called “Love”. The concept of Love seems complicated to her and it becomes even more so, when she falls in love with her mother’s present boyfriend. Life takes a U-turn when she is blessed with a mega modelling assignment which can make her famous within no time. A terrific war rages inside her, between her loving heart and brain facing the different shades of Love. The question which will hit the mind of readers is that will she ever get the chance to understand what love exactly  means in this world.

My Personal View:

I started reading this Book when I was travelling back from Kolkata to Delhi after my Diwali vacation Via Rajdhani Express. Honestly, I will say that the word called love attached with any Novel attracts me like a magnet. The reaction was same for this novel and frankly speaking I failed to take a bite of dinner served in train till I reached the climax of the story. Every single line makes you feel what is coming up next? Well, the cover page gives the true impression that the novel is written from the view-point of a female character. The first thing I was forced to think, was how Amit Shankar, the author of this book and a man of 21st century, managed to understand the feelings of a confused girl so well. However, after reading this novel, I will say, yes an author and most importantly a man of this era can understand a woman well . Hats off to you Amit! You are just awesome in presenting this wonderful story to the readers.

The central character of this novel, Moon is very well portrayed. The presentation of the story is so simple that everyone will understand the actual meaning which the author is trying to point out in this novel. The relationship of a struggling and established mother with her teenage daughter will catch the attention of the readers.

Finally, I will say that it is a must to read novel for the teenagers, besides others. Great Work by Amit Shankar.

Rating: 4 on 5


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