The Charming And Successful Young Author Ishaan Lalit

Ishaan Lalit is a charming author with a bright smile. You can smell freshness in every book so far released in the market of Ishaan. His first ever book” Bracelet” received good feedback from Pioneer as well as HT City. He bagged “The Best Science Fiction Award at the Indian Literary Awards” for his second release Hexagon. His recent release “Dinner Date” proved his excellence as an author


1)  My readers are curious to know about Ishaan Lalit as a person. So Ishaan just tell something about you as a person and also about your educational and professional background.

I like to think of myself as a nice person but a complex individual nonetheless. I am a history buff, a technology addict and an atheist. I was trained as a gemologist and a pilot but I believe life educated me.

2) How Ishaan Lalit the author was born?

When Mama and Papa love each other a lot they ask one of the numerous gods for a little baby and the god/gods gives them one.

3) Who is the one who acted as an inspiration for you to become an author?

I was actually inspired by Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’ and for a moment I wanted to write like that. Then I started to write seriously not just because I could.

4) When you first realized that you are having the quality of writing and who is one who appreciated this quality of yours for the first time?

My brother! He still is the first one to read my drafts and through him I get my first reactions.

5) How you plan the stories or you can say how you get the topics to form the plot of story?

It is a complicated procedure. Mostly mental. When I have a first vague idea of what I want to do I just sit and think for days, only about the start and how I want the story to go. Then when I am ready I start to write but mostly think. Then I stop at a milestone and think for a few days until I go completely insane and then I repeat the same thing. It makes me cranky, anti social and pain to be around but there is bright light at the end of the tunnel. It is after 6 months when I finish the book.

6) Which authors inspire you the most?

That’s easy Frank Herbert.

7) You mastered in every genre of writing. But which one is your favorite and why?

That’s easy too. Science Fiction, because its is so fucking awesome and complicated. It is such an amazing challenge that I just want to somehow excel in it.

8) Your very recent release is “Dinner Date”. Say something about this Novel and its story line?

ImageYou can Buy it here:  goodreads_logo_140-5b3e47356388131c1699f0baca28a234

Dinner Date is a book I love and somehow I can’t explain it. It is about this kid, Sam Thomas who is such an amazing person that he looks at the world for what it is. Fun! He goes through high school which is a disaster, law school which has its own disasters and skeletons in the closet but he takes in stride, in humor and it makes him tough. He has two best friends and they have a great romance and he has girl, some great romance there. A godfather who is cool. I don’t want to give out much but it is a cool comedy which brings out a smile to everybody’s face. It is goofily funny and deep at the same time, if that is possible. 

9) In your Journey as an author what are the WOW moments?

Me winning an award last year for Hexagon was a great moment. I was absolutely bewildered and three days later I realized that I actually won an award for my work.

ImageBuy this Book here: goodreads_logo_140-5b3e47356388131c1699f0baca28a234

10) How it feels when you work gets appreciated by your readers?

Vindicated! I work on these books for close to a year and when somebody tells me that they liked the book it is like saying I justify the one year you spent leaned over a keyboard alone.

11) What are the qualities as per you to be an author?

Patience! Loads and loads of patience.

12) Which quality of yours you like the most?

My hunger for knowledge. I am constantly in search for new things. I visit places for new stories from history, or otherwise. I try to look for the weird to understand more about humans to give more depth to my characters and backgrounds. Sometimes it is funny and other times it is scary.

13) How is your journey so far as an author?

Tough! Tiring! But it is cool! An artist has to face adversity to understand art.

14) What next after “Dinner Date”?

There is a book called ’21 – The Monarch Project’ I have been working on. It is a complicated spy thriller involving operatives from RAW. The first draft is with a publisher but it is still in the first step fazes. So for right now lets just talk about Dinner Date.


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