Presenting the award-winning author- Gisela Hausmann

Gisela Hausmann- An author known for her inspirational adventure books. Words fell short to me when I got the chance to present this talented lady to my readers. She is an award-winning author besides playing an active role in co-piloting small planes. She even designed a coffee-table book and you will love to know that it got selected for becoming a gift for President Clinton at that time. It is really tough for me to define this lady. Very recently I had a chit-chat session with her and am presenting the same to my readers.


1) My readers will prefer to know Gisela Hausmann not as an author at first chance but as a human being. So, please share something about you which are unknown and can describe your inner self.

Thank you for inviting me, Samata. That is a great question. At the source of my ‘inner self’ is that I want to help people to overcome their fears because I have been there myself. All of us fear something. ‘Life is a roller coaster’ as they say and, being 51, I have ridden it, sometimes on the fabulous side and sometimes on the tragic side. In fact, for a while things were so bad that I did not know whether I had the strength to carry on. That is why my inner self wants to help readers to achieve their goals, which ones ever they might have, a better job, the right partner, or quite simply to overcome their fears.

2) So far you have authored nine books. Which one is closest to your heart and why?

I really have two books, which are close to my heart: ‘Naked Determination’, which I think can deliver the most positive revelations and fun to others, and, ‘Vienna Aerial Panorama’ because it was the first book, which my late husband and I produced together. Since he died it is kind of like a book-baby, which is still with me.

3) Which author or which individual inspired you to be a part of the world of Books?

Dale Carnegie. His stories of ‘what works and doesn’t’ have helped so many people; I want to live up to that goal. Then again, I wanted to bring the information in a lot more exciting and humorous way, so that is, where we differ.

4) What are your other passions in life apart from writing?

I like to make positive changes in general. Thus, I like gardening and home improvement to change my little world (by making my home more beautiful) and the bigger world by planting trees and making the world a greener place.

5) Your short story collection “Naked Determination, 41 Stories about Overcoming Fear” creates sensation among all readers. So, tell us how you decided to pen down this collection of short stories.

Friends have asked me for a long time to write down my adventure stories, but I longed for a bigger goal. When the Great Recession hit in the United States I had to tackle many problems since I was a single mom and faced difficult job situations. That’s when I had the idea to reveal what I had learned when living through awesome adventures just because it is funnier and more exciting.

NakedSeptfinal amazon

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For instance, I admired President Gorbachev because together with President Reagan he ended the Cold War. As luck had it, when I visited the Kremlin in Moscow 1989, Gorbachev crossed the same large square at the Kremlin, where I happen to stand. I wanted to take a photo of Gorbachev. Naturally, he was surrounded by many people but I did not hesitate and worked my way through the crowd within four feet of him. Then I pressed the button on the camera. A second later I was apprehended by the KGB, who let me go when they figured out that I was only a well-meaning tourist. My picture of Gorbachev is in my book “Naked Determination’ so readers can see that it was really possible.

The lesson to be learned for everybody, in all kinds of situations, is “Don’t hesitate! If something is important, right now, do what you need to do. Already the next second your chance may have disappeared in thin air.” Most often it works out better than one could have planned it.

So, this is kind of the style, in which I wanted to present these life principles: I wanted my book to be exciting rather than like a school book. I also added 47 pictures, to provide proof that my stories are really true.

6) Are you a cat lover? What attracts you to this animal and why did you write “Why do Cats have Nine Lives?”

ImageYou can Buy this book here: amazon

Yes, I am a cat lover. Cats are loving, but they also know and do what they want. Most often they get what they want. We also want to get what we want, so I posed the question, “Why do Cats Have Nine Lives?” as the title. Cats really have nine lives because most often they get 9 times the pleasure out of their one life. In my book I wanted to show their little tricks, which are the same as the ones humans should use. I also wanted to create a motivational book of a different kind, one, which makes readers smile.

7) What is next in pipeline for readers and when can we expect it? 

In an ideal world my next project is a reality show and I tell everything about it in “Naked Determination’s” chapter “the Reality of Education”. Of course, this is a huge project so I am not sure how fast I can get it going, but I am working on it with ‘naked determination’.

8) What characteristics are mandatory for a good author?

Most important is that authors write what they know. To make a book a good book it needs to be authentic and readers have to “hear and feel” the author speaking to them. Additionally, even you know your material inside and out you have to verify all facts in the book. In my case, that meant I verified the distances between all locations in miles and kilometers, as well as the spelling of each foreign location in the English language. You never want to give a reader the wrong or sloppily researched information. Then, pour your heart into your book and readers will feel that. One of the biggest compliments I receive often is, “I feel I know Gisela from reading her book and wow, that book has empowered me”, because that is what I wanted to achieve.

9) Please share with my readers your achievements and recognitions in authoring books?

‘Naked Determination’ won Bronze at the eLit Awards 2012, which made me ridiculously happy. I actually danced in my office when I got the news. English is not my first language and “Naked Determination’ was my first story book, so I really did not expect this.

My very first book ‘Vienna Aerial Panorama’ also came to high honors, though I did not really write it, I designed it. ‘Vienna Aerial Panorama’ is a high-end, expensive coffee-table book, which depicts the beautiful city of Vienna, where I lived at the time. I designed everything from what each page looked like to the slipcase of the book.

A few years later, President Clinton visited Vienna and his hosts from Austria’s largest business publication wanted to give Clinton a gift to remember Vienna, forever. They picked my book. By that time I was living in the United States and did not know anything about it; so imagine my surprise when I opened the letter with a newspaper clip showing Bill Clinton with my book at Vienna Airport. My father had clipped it out and sent it to me. I almost fainted.

10) In one line” who is Gisela Hausmann”

Gisela Hausmann is a woman, who wants to get as much as possible out of her life and help others to do the same.

11) Anything else you want to say to my readers?

Yes! I want to say; “Whatever it is you want to do – You can do it. It won’t be easy; then again, nobody ever said, that it would. My book will be a friend through which I will speak to you and keep encouraging you. Getting there is about not giving up on the way!”

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