Passion turned a businessman to Photographer- Manabendra Gupta

People say that when there is a will there is a way. When will join hands with passion, creativity steps in. If you want to experience this then its time to meet Manabendra Gupta. A businessman by profession and a photographer by passion at 43.

1) Hi Manabendra  its an honor for me to introduce a brilliant photographer like you to my readers. say something you and your background?

I myself Manabendra Gupta age 43 born and grown up at M.A.M.C , Durgapur, schooling from MAMC boys high school, graduated (B.Sc)    from Durgapur govt. college, Running a small business of computer sales and service here.


2) How photography came in your life?

In childhood I was showing interest in drawing and paintaing as like others, which matured later in a other form i.e photography.I was thinking it seriously just two years before at the age of 40.


3.What are various genre which you love to click?
I love landscape photography very much and then child portrait and next street photography..


4.Please share the details of contact so that our readers and other can get the chance to avail your service on special occasions of their life to catch the golden moments?

Yes, of course, apperently iam anota professional photographer but any type of assignment , project oriented work i would like to do seriously. My Contact no is 9434002528.


5.What are the other areas of interest in your life?
Gardening is one of my favorite hobby and next i would like to travel all corners of our country which is fully pending due to job but hope start at the age 50….


6.What major tools and instruments you are using to click the perfect snap?

I have two no of camera one is canon 300D with 18-55. Other is Canon 5D mark 1 with nikon AFS 24-85mm f /2.8-4 with nikon to eos adapter, yes i think it is interesting use canon body with nikon lences.


7.Who acted as a inspiration in your life and provoked you to become a great photographer?

Specially my mother ,and then all my family member encourage me a lot.


8.What is your dream for your life ahead?
I want to travel all corners of my country and photographed its landscapes, peoples culture and presented to all photographer lover.

9.You received any special training in photography?

I have not received any special training in photography. I am always following the works of  eminent photographer , seeing various type of shot for understanding of composition and other technical.

10. Rate yourself as a photographer?
Just 6 under 10.


11.Any feedback or suggestion for budding photographers?

My humble suggestion, love nature ,people of your surroundings and then photographed it in a way that it must link to your viewers. Don’t think much about your tools always find light and stress on composition.

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