Know the girl who loves to click the nature- Arpita Roy Agasty

A Photographer by passion Arpita Roy Agasty loves traveling and an ultimate lover of nature. When you take a look at her clicks you will get the true essence of nature at the best. She is young, she is talented and truly she is inspiration for many young photographers.


1) , Who is Arpita Roy Agasty as a human being and what is your background  ?

Arpita Roy Agasty , that is me, born & brought up in Durgapur, West Bengal.Only child of Mr. & Mrs. Parimal Agasty.  I’m a science graduate (1999) , P.G.D in Ecology & Environment, P.G.D in Safety Engg. Presently at Kalyani, West Bengal, married for 7 years with Mr. Surajit Rn. Roy.

2) When you first realized that you are having a knack towards Photography?

When I was at college


3) Who is the one who motivated you to get attracted towards the world of Photography?

My uncle


4) Any sort of training you received from anyone? If yes, from whom and if not then how the star photographer was born?

Basically I’m a self-taught photographer, besides my photographer friends and various photography related websites help me to understand photography in a better way.


5) You are a student with ENGINEERING then how suddenly photography influenced you?

It is true that both are totally different, but I’m also a student of ecology & Environment, so I’ve lots of interest in nature, besides traveling is my hobby.


6) Share with us list of the instruments you use while clicking?

My instruments – (a) Canon EOS 500D  (b) 18-55 lens (c) 75-300 lens


7) Which genre of Photographs attracts you most?

People & nature


8) What as per you are the necessary features to be a photographer?

Love and respect for the nature, animals, peoples, cultures, religions.


9)  What is the biggest appreciation so far you received for your photography?

One of my picture is used in a stage show as a background

10) What is your next set  of plan for your life and career?

To be a good photographer and travel a lot

11) Any thing special you want to share with me and my readers about something which is unique in you.

I always feel bad for wounded animals and birds and try to help them as much as possible.


12) Any upcoming photo shoot you are planning in coming time?
Not Yet

14) Rate your self as a photographer ( rate out of 5)?


You can catch her @


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