The Girl with dreams- Shaily Bhargava


Dreams in our life makes us grow and when the dreams become a reality we cherish those moments. Same is the case here with this young girl from Noida City , Shaily Bhargava. She loves to catch every special moment of life and nature either with the click of her camera or sometimes with the master stroke of her pen. She calls herself a passionate photographer and a budding author. This session is dedicated to Shaily a dreamer of life.

1) Before we go ahead in this session, we are keen to know Shaily as a person. So please share something about you and your background. –

I am a spontaneous, silly, sensitive, sarcastic and a serious kind of person. I am an Economics Graduate, a Technical equity analyst, passionate photographer and a budding author. I have had a lot of ups and downs but I know to row my boat in the river of life holding my smile, will and confidence intact. I don’t bow down to situations easily and love to explore life in every possible way. I have been collecting a bundle of dreams tightly in my heart with a belief that they will be served some day with the same warmth and freshness.


2) Can you recall the day when you clicked your first picture?

Some seven years ago, one fine afternoon I was sitting in my balcony when a butterfly constantly flew over some flower laden pots. It wasn’t a special colorful one but still it charmed me. It was then, when I rushed inside to bring my point and shoot camera and captured it. The pictures were brilliant and motivated me to click some more shots from thereafter.


3)  Who is the character who played a significant role in detecting your talent in Photography?

Nobody in particular but yes, I think Facebook did that for me. I used to upload my clicks on Facebook and my friends cheered me. To an extent, it did ring the bell for instant praise and motivation to explore this hidden talent of mine. I have a photography page where you can stop by to greet your eyes with some of my clicks-

4) What are your plans with photography in coming time?

Honestly, I take photography as a passionate hobby and don’t see taking it up as a profession. Few pictures clicked by me were selected in an exhibition by YMCA Delhi in 2011, some pictures displayed on Facebook wall of Times Photo Journal and Amateur Digital Photography Asia in 2012.


5) What sort of clicks attracts you the most and why?

A profound and unique portraiture, waterscapes and creative still life photography attract me the most. Recently, I started trying my hands on macro photography. The reason is no specific but I personally find a lot to learn and explore in these genres.

6) You mentioned that you are an avid trader? Please explain this profile of yours. 

 Actually, there is a funny story behind this. Soon after my college, I tuned into CNBC and few other business channels to subside my growing itch of trading for fun and pocket money. The addiction pulled me deep into the world of trading and I started enjoying the daily rush as avid trader. Eventually, I decided to pursue my addiction into my career. From 2007 to 2011, I successfully managed some good big portfolios all by myself as a Technical Analyst.


7) What are your other passions in life?

Reading, writing, watching movies and playing Guitar in my free time.


8) Share the list of instruments you are using for your photography?

A point and shoot camera, Canon EOS 550D with basic kit lens of 18-55mm, Canon EF 50mm 1.8 and a range of macro lens.

9) According to you what are the prime qualities required for becoming a photographer?

Always remember that camera is just a tool, an extension of what your eyes perceive. A tub of expensive kit won’t tag you as a brilliant photographer. It is your patience, creativity and skill behind that camera that develops a spectacular image. Just keep clicking because every new click will automatically shape your talent.


10) Say something about your recently developed desire as an author? What is the storyline for this Novel? –  

Often, we sit calmly putting up a flat or smiling face but a lot silently brew in our mind and heart. Writing for me is to tie those tangled waves of thoughts and pour down the vast ocean of emotions on a piece of paper. I have a vivid and subtle imagination that I am trying to streamline into a work of fiction.Image

11) What is your suggestion to young talents like you?-

 There are a lot of things that don’t add or fit into your dreams and wish list but if you add a pinch of reality, hard work, confidence and truth to it, the picture of your life will be wonderfully complete.

You can catch her @


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